Cover Photo © Nino Cavalier

Cover Photo © Nino Cavalier

Holy Candy is my memoir about why I became a Moonie and married a stranger, and why I left the Church eventually.  I met a Unification Church missionary while making Soul Searching, a documentary about the visual appearance of the human soul.  This chance meeting led to me leaving my family, friends and home.  My intention in joining the Church was to help create a better world without suffering, sickness or loneliness.  My faith was so great that I was eager to leave behind my old life, move to a new country and do whatever my new family told me to.

The name Holy Candy comes from the blessed gummy worms and other treats that we gave out to passers-by hoping to imbue them with God’s Blessing.  This direction came after we discovered it was too slow to reach our goal of 36 million Blessed Couples by inviting them to marry in our group weddings. As I learned, most people don’t take candy from strangers, let alone marry one.  But those who took the chance could journey into a moment of unexpected sweetness.  My journey taught me that although it is possible to love one’s enemy, it is a lot harder to give up pursuing one’s passions.

Holy Candy won First Place in the 2014 Writer's Digest Self Published e-Book Awards in the Life Stories category.

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