Rich's Wish

Last Saturday, I went to an Abraham Hicks workshop in Stamford with Rich, who I met two years ago at another local workshop.  Abraham is the "infinite intelligence" channeled by Esther Hicks.  At these workshops, people ask questions and Abraham answers.  Rich had been preparing his questions for weeks.

Abraham started with some introductory words.

“Most people pray in their yearning for a better life.  I look for what I want to see, for evidence of my desire.  Your attention on something missing in your past or present, even if it’s a tiny part, is increasing it in your vibration.

Can you offer vibration to something not yet manifested?  If you can do that, there is nothing you cannot do, be or have.  Focus on the things that resonate with what you want. Anything you focus on becomes your truth.”

The room was overflowing by the workshop's opening

Rich was one of the few chosen from around 200 participants to sit in the hot seat. It was almost like winning the lottery. 

“I don’t want to work,” said Rich. “But I want money.”

“Do you need a job in the next ten minutes?” asked Abraham

“Not unless you want to hire me.”

“You’re unemployable,” said Abraham.  “It will take at least ten minutes for that to change.”

“You are not quite ready to give your vibrational approach your undivided attention,” said Abraham. “It would be better for you to get a job so you could stop worrying about money.

You want inspired action, not required action. You can tell instantaneously whether it’s in keeping with your vibration.  The contrast brings you to greater clarity easily.

It doesn’t matter if you didn’t get it right the first time.  The contrast is part of what is right.  You are in a good place.  You have focused desire.  

The masters of this world would all say they wouldn’t give up one miserable moment because it has made them what they are."

Workshop participants during a break

As the event closed, Abraham offered a conclusion.

"The short answer [to how you accomplish your goals] is, I expect good things to happen and they do.  The long answer is it’s really hard to keep expecting good things when there is not evidence but I am persistent.

What we want you to take home is I can control the way I feel.  The way I feel is everything. 

I am singularly responsible for everything that happens, depending on whether I look at what is pleasing or what is not pleasing.

When I feel exhilaration, I am in harmony with source. Source wants me to be the recipient of everything I have been asking for."

So people who believe in incredible possibilities can change reality. I look forward to seeing Rich get a lot more rich very soon.

Abraham logo on one of two big screens