Blogging Burnout/Dumbo Arts Festival

A Lot of Art is Boring by Steven Dobbin. I did not find this to be the case.

The first thing I noticed at the Dumbo Arts Festival was how different everything was: art made from books, abstract art, found objects, hyperrealist art. The Festival ran from September 27th through September 29th, and I arrived three hours before it closed on Sunday 29th. 

Chris Perry with one of his book-like worksSilvina Arismendi with UntitledAndrea Biggs with Portraits. She also makes great tables with her husband at

The Coincidence Clock from Marci MacGuffie on Vimeo.

Marci MacGuffie explained to me that coincidences are more likely to occur during eclipses, bee activity, and something to do with the Fibonacci Spiral, the Golden Triangle and the Gregorian Calendar. It was way above my head, but she made this very cool clock to demonstrate.

Who made this bed?

One critic said, "If it's art, why give me another screen to look at?" But I liked Justin Wood's moving paintings.
This was a game. Each person was given an emotion and asked to write down something that made them feel that way.Me with Giant Macaroons by Daisuke Kiyomiya