The Weekend of Doing Nothing

The Blaze Control Room, Amy Holmes and Scott Baker on screens

Friday was my last day working as a teleprompter operator at The Blaze, which is the new name for GBTV, which is an acronym for Glenn Beck Television. Whatever I might think about his political beliefs, Glenn Beck is one of the nicest people I’ve met. He’s kind, generous, humorous, occasionally gorges himself on junk food and has beautiful azure eyes.  And he surrounds himself with a wonderful team.

Wilkow! Studio Wall

After my last day of work there, I attended a launch party for Wilkow!, a new Blaze network show featuring Andrew Wilkow.  Early in the evening, a crew member placed a shot in front of me, and started chanting my name. Two drinks is usually my limit and I was on my third Bloody Mary. Being laid off seemed a good enough reason to drink too much.  The shot went down smoothly enough, but shortly thereafter I found myself being helped out to the street and held up while someone hailed a cab for me. En route, the driver stopped twice, insisting that I not throw up in his car, which I did not. With the help of two neighbors, I found myself in my apartment. 

When I felt well enough to open my eyes, I saw multiple unread text messages on my phone.  Two were from an acquaintance who decided to send me two pictures of his penis.  I have to say it was quite impressive and this did cheer me up somewhat since it held the illusion of having an intimate exchange.  Several of the text messages were from a male friend who had not been at the event.  He asked what I was up to and finally asked, “R u alive?”

Indeed, I was alive. On Saturday, I got up and did stuff and managed to be too late for a Dirty Laundry reading and too late to meet a friend at another Lit Crawl event. On Sunday, I went to a networking brunch from which I had to excuse myself after 20 minutes and an ice cream party a day too late.  Maybe I had been too late for everything on purpose.  Maybe I didn't want to be tied down to anything for a couple of days. Maybe I didn’t want to have a job right now either.  At least I showed up to work on my manuscript every day this weekend.  I’ve loved having a work family and routine for the past year.  But I’d rather follow my dream full time.  At least until the next job.

Melissa, me and Jenn at the Wilkow! launch party