Old Windsor Carnival 2014

Old Windsor Brownies fairy tale float ©Windsor ExpressOld Windsor Carnival 2014 started with the 48th donkey derby on Friday 5\6th June and ended with Old Windsor’s Got Talent on Sunday 8th June. In between were fireworks, the funfair and fairy tale themed floats. The Old Windsor Brownies won best float with their “Ugly Duckling.”

Hunts Racing Donkeys Ltd. provided the racing animals, which seemed surprisingly comfortable with running, particularly when they succeeded in throwing their small riders, which was quite often. I like donkeys. They look like they don’t care, which seems about right to me. Some riders managed to speed up their donkeys by gripping their hind fur. That didn’t seem right.

riderless donkey winning a race

Six donkeys ran in nine races. They had names like “Where’s My Shed?” “Prince Stud Muffin,” and “Let’s Get Wasted.” I bet £1 on Eeyore in Race 8. Well done, Eeyore, for winning me $3.20, which I then spent on a cup of tea, and a ride on the dodgems. This didn’t feel quite as exciting as it had done when I was 14.

I only caught the last two acts of Old Windsor’s Got Talent. Three girls sang ”Jar of Hearts.” Then three tiny girls sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, ending with a big sister informing the audience that her little sister “doesn’t really know how to sing it.” Each contestant received lollipops from the dentist.

Winner of Old Windsor's Got Talent Carnival Queen and Attendant