How to Blog

Behind the scenes of my favorite blog, Humans of New York 

Recently I took a How to Blog class with Gotham Writer’s Workshop.  I have taken a number of great classes with Gotham and enjoyed them all.  The teacher of this class, Kim Brittingham, is involved with around 30 blogs and has written a memoir, Read My Hips.  Each of her lectures mentioned even more blogs, over a hundred in all.  I couldn’t figure out how she found time to read them all. 

I took the online version of Gotham’s How to Blog class, which lasts four weeks.  The class had 24 participants, of whom 22 posted a biography and of whom 9 took part in discussions.  There was a writer’s lounge at which I met 2 other students.  One of the students confided in me that she was a horny old broad, but didn’t take me up on the idea of creating a blog around that topic.  She later invited me to join her for a dinner of buckwheat noodles with spinach, pine nuts and wine, but I couldn’t get to CA in time. 

Images from another favorite blog, Never Seconds

By the end of the class, nine students had posted working blogs. We had a xenofiction writer, a world traveler, a kitchen sink philosopher, a few moms, notably one who blogged from her kids’ point of view, a chef and a sports enthusiast.  If you put us all together we could form a soccer-playing Supercult in another galaxy with plenty of kids, and have philosophical dinner conversations over our home grown vegetarian creations.  But on the interwebz people come and go at the speed of a click, and we may never cross paths again. I have, however, scheduled a Simply Healed session with one of the bloggers and I hope to have an update on that soon.