Of Course... But Maybe

This week I participated in a Simply Healed healing session. And of course it is great to go into one’s past and resolve inner wounds.   But maybe it would be just as healing to go out and have a laugh with one’s friends.  Or would it?

Louis C.K. ended this Monday's gig at New York City Center with several “Of course… but maybe” ideas.  For example: Of course the Make a Wish foundation is great.  But maybe we shouldn’t waste memories on a kid who will die in a week.  Take a kid who will have a long and sh@#ty life and let him go to see the Yankees with Lady Gaga.

Although I laughed along with Louis C.K.’s jokes about being old, out of shape and pissed off by other people, I left with a slightly hollow feeling.  Having my Simply Healed session, however, made me feel a bit like nyan cat, flying in the sky leaving a rainbow trail.

“It’s a fusion of different types of energy healing,” Jen explained over the phone.  “This involves your chakras, your aura and your meridians, among other energy centers.  It releases energy blocks, allowing positive energy to take their place. My higher self is communicating with your higher self.”

I have been to spiritualists, psychics, psychologists, psychiatrists, channelers, kinesiologists, a hypnotist and now an energy healer. As much as I love what they do, I can’t help but see the ridiculous side of it.  Healers have told me to wear crystals (I couldn’t be bothered), bury a test tube of my blood outside the White House (which I did with a group of Unification Church members) and drink my husband’s urine (I drank my own as a compromise).  After a lifetime of healing, I’m still working at it.

Jen started by giving her impression of me: “When I look at you, I see a mop,” she said.  “Claim your energy field as your own.”

“Think of nature and belonging and centeredness,” she continued. “You are using buckshot instead of a rifle.  Your heart can beat in time with the rest of humanity.  It doesn’t have to beat 110 times faster than everything else.”

Looking at my chakras, Jen noted my powerful spiritual chakra.  “It’s like a big, purple umbrella,” she said.  Then Jen went through my stages of life, from birth on. "Remembering” being born was the high point.  “It was a magical feeling,” she said.  “I feel like I was really happy to be born,” I said. 

As Jen went through my life stages, I watched the progression from unfortunate to traumatic and enjoyed her frequent reminders to “Let it go,” or “Make peace with that.” 

Jen is a dedicated practitioner of her craft.  She lost track of time and I had to encourage her to conclude.

“Come back into yourself,” she said.  “Embrace yourself and embrace others.  Let it come to you.   Be rather than do.  Summon up the positive.”

Of course having a laugh is good.  But maybe being happy first makes the laughter even sweeter.

For more information, visit www.simplyhealed.com or email Jen directly at jennifer.marek@gmail.com.