I Am Not A Realist But A Creator of Reality—Abraham Hicks in Connecticut


Participants preparing for the Workshop

Nick—a musician and first-time workshop participant—sat in the hot seat before the June 1st Vortex of Attraction Workshop started. His enthusiasm oozed off the stage of the Stamford Marriot Conference Room. He hadn’t even bothered to find a seat in the audience. 

“You’re going to be in the hot seat,” a passing woman said to Nick.

“I know it,” he said. “She knows it.  You know it.”  And I was pretty sure he would get a chance to ask his question.

Esther came on stage to a standing ovation, and quickly started channeling Abraham, a group of spiritual beings said to express Infinite Intelligence.

“Do you know what you are wanting?” she asked.

For the first time since I can remember, I didn’t really know what I was wanting.

“Do you like the expansion of your desire?”

I couldn’t really say yes to that either, because wanting what one doesn't yet have can be frustrating. 

The girl in the hot seat spoke about wonderful things happening in her life

A participant expressed yearning for a person she was not currently with.  This girl said that everything else in her life was going wonderfully, except for this one point.

“What if there were a willing version of him?” asked Abraham.

“But I want him,” she said.

For the first time, I heard the words about the willing version of the one you love as a positive thing.

“I don’t feel worthy,” the girl said.

“You are beautiful, “ shouted Nick, to applause.

“Don’t waste your words,” said Abraham, to laughter.

Abraham spoke about momentum.

“You only have to give attention to something for 17 seconds for it to gain momentum,” they said.  “If you continue that for 68 seconds, which is 4 times 17, there will be enough momentum that it will play out.”

“Go to bed and think about how tomorrow will be a nice day.  Wake up and feel good, “they said. “ Ask what disc have I chosen?  What momentum is to be gained?  Pick a disc. If you drop, take a nap or do anything to get to a higher place.”

I understood that discs represent different emotional levels, with the higher ones being the happiest.

Nick getting the feel of the hot seat

After 12 hot seaters, Nick was the thirteenth and final person to be chosen.

“Do I have to focus obsessively on practicing guitar to be good at it?” he asked. “Steve Vai said he played 12 hours a day.”

“Everything you do that is fun will improve your guitar playing,” said Abraham. “What he’s saying is the momentum of my desire is so great that I spent many hours in this process. Those who have mastery have inspired action. It’s not the hours but the disc you’re standing on when you put the hours in.”

Interestingly, the feeling of standing on a higher disc stayed with me after the workshop. 

As Abraham said, “I believe in being a creator of reality and not an observer.  I can be thrilled with the possibility even before any doors are opened.”