Post Pole Picks

Anna Grundstrom in Skinja

This morning, I saw the movie trailer for Skinja, a movie about a stripper turned ninja.  It stars NYPD instructor, Anna Grundstrom, who recently performed with the Pulse Project at the US Pole Dance Championship.  Three other NYPD instructors feature in the film: Gabrielle Valliere, Caitlin Goddard and Laura Ganzero.  Gabrielle and Caitlin also competed in the championship along with Brynlyn Loomis, another NYPD teacher.  Their performances in the competition were stunning and I’m looking forward to seeing them immortalized in this film.

Gabrielle Valliere, runner up 2011 Pole Dancing Championship

I've found the instruction at NYPD to be exemplary. Lessons are challenging but still enjoyable, due to the skill of the instructors.  Most of the morning students are business professionals or college students taking pole classes for fitness, fun and the satisfaction of learning a new skill. Many of the evening students are experts seeking to refine their art.

Even though the heroine of Skinja is a stripper by night, and a ninja by later that night, the story still has elements of female empowerment. It also looks pretty funny.  Soon I hope that pole fitness will be accepted as the skilled sport that it is.