Do You Believe in Aliens?

Iron Man: "The universe is too vast for aliens not to exist." Clark Kent: "Absolutely."

My first blog was simply pictures of people with their answers to questions like “Do you believe in true love?” or “Do you believe in aliens?”  (According to my survey, people's level of faith was slightly in favor of aliens over true love.)

Then I was advised that my blog should be about me.  So I started writing about my search for love and meaning.  I created situations specifically for the purpose of blogging.  Then stuff happened that was a lot more interesting than the stuff I set up.  But that was private.  So I tried to set up other stuff to write about.

I asked a speed dating acquaintance, for an interview about her speed dating experiences.  She agreed but had to reschedule our chat due to overbooking.  Looking for more inspiration, I arranged a morning meeting with my Law of Attraction friend, Cash.  He wanted a tall iced decaf.  While in line, I forgot what he asked for and got him a venti non-decaf. 

“It was meant to be,” he said, when I offered to replace it.

When I first met Cash two years ago, I felt sure that he was a man who got what he wanted.  

"How are things going?" I asked.

“I’m getting by," he said. "But sometimes I just want to kill myself.”

I wished I could think of something encouraging to say, but nothing seemed right.   

 “Why do you think the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you?” I asked.

“Because I’m not getting what I want,” he said.

Cash says he wants to win the lottery but perhaps what he really wants is to feel rich.   

Oscar Wilde said, “There are two tragedies in life: one is not getting what one wants and the other is getting it.”

Many people say the anticipation of getting what you want is sweeter than actually getting it.  Once you know it’s coming, that might be true.  I guess it’s like true love or aliens.  Believing in it is almost as exciting as experiencing it.  But I think getting it is always better, because then one can allow oneself to want so much more.