Lost Connections

Does anyone know Ian from Windsor who met Meg at Bestival in the Isle of Wight during Elton John’s set? Meg wants to find Ian and the ring she put in his pocket and somehow she thinks I can help.

Have you ever met someone who fascinated you and never seen them again? Stories of lost connections fascinate me, especially when people find each other at the end. Meg contacted me through my blog and told me about some lost items including cash, a visa debit card, a ring (“of huge sentimental value”) and a young man named Ian.

Meg on the right "the original calamity Jane, Pandora, Miss congeniality etc"

As Meg tells it, “During Elton's (fantastic, by the way) set at Bestival, an American girl tapped me on the shoulder, trying to get me together with her friend… I laughed it off but he was so very polite when he asked me to dance to Candle In The Wind that I said yes.”

the elusive Ian

Ian was 6’2, “beefy,” and possibly “the only true gent at Bestival.” As Meg said, “What's a girl to do?”





The new friends danced together through the set. Then Ian and some others gallantly laid their coats on the rain-dampened ground for the group to sit on. While they ate together and enjoyed each other’s company, Meg put her valuables away.  She is usually very careful but “distracted by hunger/tiredness/rain/noise/OH MY LIFE I JUST SAW ELTON JOHN! I put my handful of things into the pocket of the coat I was sitting on, NOT the coat I was wearing! So this Ian has my stuff!”

A sudden downpour caused the group to disperse without exchanging numbers or checking their pockets.

“Everyone is trying to make this the love story of the century,” wrote Meg- “which is sweet and a lovely idea but I don't wanna freak this poor guy out- I just NEED my ring back!”

“This is just a simple story of lost and found," Meg continued, "or maybe something more... this could be my only link to the stranger I fell for and my ring.”

Meg’s only concern is that he may have been a bit tipsy and had a lapse of memory.  Thus far there has been no sign of Ian, so once again:

Does anyone know Ian from Windsor who met Meg at the Bestival in the Isle of Wight during Elton John’s set?