Cash's Chronicles

Cash drew a rectangle at the bottom of a sheet of paper.  “This is where I am,“ he said.  “I’ve done nothing in my life. Sometimes after I rehearse, I feel like I’ve wasted two hours because my singing sucked.  I might never accomplish my dreams.” 

“Wow, that is heavy,” I said.  “Did anything good happen recently?”

“I had sex without being intoxicated,” said Cash.  “And it was fantastic.”

“Congratulations,” I said.  “But how did it happen?  You just decided to do it and then it happened?”

“I went to the bath house,” he said.

“How does that work?”  I asked.  “You go in, see someone you like and then your eyes meet?”

“You have a room,” said Cash.  “Or they have a room.  Then you walk around and catch someone’s eye and one of you says do you have a room.”

“But what if you get to the room and then you change your mind?”  I ask.

“That’s the awkward part,” said Cash.  “Usually you say I’m taking a break and then you never come back.”

“Where is the bath house?”  I asked.   “Do they have saunas and stuff?”

“No," said Cash. "And you can’t go. Because you have breasts.”

“I wonder what a straight bathhouse would be like,” I said.

“I’ve thought of making one,” said Cash.  “I’d make a fortune.”

Then I thought about a straight bathhouse and all I could imagine was a room full of people catching eyes and then looking away and doing nothing.  Many straight men fear rejection and most straight women prefer the man to make the first move.  Also the whole courtship thing takes a bit longer; at least it’s more fun when it does.

Having ventured into the arenas of internet dating, speed dating and meeting people around town, I have been surprised at the number of men who expect me to jump into intimate scenarios with them before I’ve had a chance to feel any attraction for them.  Sadly, this seems just as prevalent among men who are in relationships.  Many American males seem to base their idea of women on media images, porn and the fact that females are apt to mold their behavior to please men. 

I know many happily committed couples, both straight and gay, and I believe that romance and passion can coexist.  But when it doesn’t, I sometimes wonder about the benefits of Cash’s free and easy style of connecting.  He doesn’t want a relationship.  For him, sex is just fun and a release of energy.  Of course, I still think he wants to fall in love like anyone else.  But that’s just me.  

Into The Vortex


Esther Hicks is a channel for Abraham, a group of non-physical entities who present themselves as “infinite knowledge.” Esther channels using clairaudience, which means hearing spiritual beings.  Even if you don't believe in spiritual channeling, Abraham's answers to people's questions (through Esther) are intriguing.

On Saturday, I watched a live transmission of Esther’s workshop from Portland on my laptop. Twenty minutes before the workshop, I received a text from Cash, who I met at the last Abraham workshop I attended almost two years ago.  I hadn’t seen Cash for almost a year so I invited him to come and watch the workshop with me.

Cash sat on my sofa one minute before the workshop began.  He had bleached hair, a warm tan and looked in good spirits. Esther appeared wearing a leopard print sweater, which I thought was a coincidence because I was wearing leopard print boyshorts.  After a couple of deep breaths, Esther became Abraham.

“You think you have a finite pile of love or money,” said Abraham, “and you want it to last as long as you do.  But it’s everlasting and ever flowing.  The more you use it the more it comes.”

“How do I get the big money,” asked the first man in the hot seat.

“By diminishing the bigness of it,” said Abraham.  “Accomplishment of a castle or a button is same thing. It depends what you are focused on “

“I really want a sandwich,” said Cash. “No, I don’t. I want to win the lottery.”

“If you can wake up every morning and think the things you want to think,” said Abraham, “nothing can stop you from anything. But if you wake up and your thoughts are contained by what is, you can’t move from where you are.”

“My question is about addiction,” said the next sitter, a pretty blonde with one tattooed bicep.

“100% of your history can serve you,” said Abraham. “If you didn’t know what you don’t want you couldn’t be who you are now. You have to live forever with the fact that when you were born you didn’t have any teeth.”

 “That’s a crappy analogy,” said Cash and stuck his middle finger up at the screen.

A cute blonde in a paisley shirt took the seat.

“I went on eharmony, met a man within 2 days and it was the one,” she said.

Cash stuck both his middle fingers up at her on the screen.

“There is not a better search engine than your own vortex,” said Abraham. “You’ve put those desires into the vortex through the living of your life.”

An earnest-looking mother questioned anxiously about her son and ex-husband. Every time she added a question, Cash gave her the finger.

“Bring it to the present tense,” said Abraham. “Find a vibration of appreciation for this person now.”

“I’m so glad my son has a father who adores him,” the woman said.  Tears flowed down her face.

“Now she’s happy because that’s real,” said Cash.

“You can change your approach to life today,” said Abraham. “It is as simple as smiling rather than frowning.  It is as simple as looking for a reason to feel good.”